Saturday, November 23, 2013


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Supreme bruce lee line

Sean Pablo & Aiden Mackie
for supreme

Monday, November 11, 2013

pools parks and burgers

 tino helped with the bruce lee shoot for supreme. we shot sean p and aiden.
 days later spanky, tino, chet, and i went to some pool to shovel some shit for the afternoon 
 chet was fucking hilarious. he put on slippers to climb into this slop.
 eventually we decided better come back with better equipment
 we did get to skate this one called the dust bowl for about 15 minutes.
pretty stoked that the first time i skated a pool in maybe 17 years it was with these three dudes.
 some other day that week a bunch of us went to some park in valley.
 andrew kinda killed it all day.

 spanky goes wrong way

 burger time

beer and flowers

 this was ben colen and sam smyth's bday.
this is these dudes at work.

 this is this dude at work.
 more work

 this dude at work
 this dude at work
 wishes this was his work

jobless in america

spot for a day

this was skateable for a day.
and we got about 20 mins before the ol heav ho




andrew surfed some nice nose wheelies