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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


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harmony korine outtakes

macklemore and ryan lewis outakes

here are some out takes from the shoot for XXL.

we're proud of ya

nope, you're lookin for the other max

still going back a few weeks. after ben rayners art show the next night was this show.

we got there and three six mafia jr was causing a riot.
really had everyone kinda going crazy.
have to admit they werent bad at all but dont remember their names.
 after them came brooklyn's dirty fenses. 
a great heavy band and i knew one of the members in the band was named max and that we had very good mutual friends. 
at some point later that night i approached one of them and asked if he was max. he said yes. 
i started in on the name game. "you know this guy and so do i and and blah blah shit i feel like i know ya alread man!!!!"
turns out the entire band is comprised of dudes named max and like one jake.
this wasn't the right max.
so i tried another guy named max. (i should point out i dont know what the max i was looking for looks like)
wrong max.
 im pretty sure i even made another attempt at the last max with the same shtick and that was a failure too.
 anyhow this band is great.
 olivia jaffe hung her photos up in the lobby of the place. they were great!
space dads
some heavies.
nuge, logan, and rayner
 the shrine are a busy band. when you tour constantly multitasking is the name of the game.
found josh having a dress rehearsal while selling merch in the lobby. 

then the shrine came on.
the place went fuckin nuts.
tino was kind of the epicenter of the crowd. here dustin is laughing at the side of his head.
 look at tino here
 and here:

 at one point of this set tino was asleep on the stage.
 see the shrine if they are playing within 1000 miles of you
 cuz lots of shit like this happens. 
 tino's happy
"anyone seen the rest of my shirt?"
it was this guys birthday too.

Monday, April 22, 2013

hugs and drugs

henry yuan

in highschool you were the man, homie

dammmmn, homie

ben rayner's 1000 photographs.

two weeks ago ben rayner was in town to hang a photot exhibit of 1000 images. 

i brought my dog over to handle the majority of the work load.

upon inspection ben was pretty satisfied. 


ol' tooth log was in town a few weekends ago. he was drumming for nyc's occultation.
along with them came borrowed time from detroit.
the show was at fivestar bar in downtown LA.

 pre-show exhaustion.

is gooooooood. really creepy and witchy and awesome. 
also comes complete with that dude on the left's scary guitar sound.

 borrowed time is really great too,
this singer...... man, sheesh. goes by J. Priest.
an amazing melding of like 3 or 4 legendary singers that i can think of off the top of my head.

 team photo time
 different angles are key when your this pumped.
 jordan was hyped
tooth's telling secrets
next day tooth and i went downtown to meet boosh on the roof of the standard
 it was about 430 pm. weekday. this chick was having a birthday party with her friends. they must have fed her like 50 billion shots of patron. she was doing everything from the lower east side shuffle at the edge of the pool defying every bit of physics in the universe all the way too the "ahhhwwwwoooo its my birthday bitches!!"  jumping in the air and highfiving no one.
all you would hear from this corner when she was at the edge of the pool was  "please, please, please, dear god, please."
 the love doctor

later that night we got to grillin at the house.
logan was mixin' up the medicine
bbq was tryin to catch his own grub to cook up.
 later we moved into the garage. 
j. priest threw the jammy pants on so he could air out and continue partyin to the tunes.

music jabber

notice j. priest

 new englanders
tooth opted to hang out in the vip lounge which has room for half a log.
tooth and austin