Wednesday, December 21, 2011

phone photo round up

heres some flicks from my phone and phones belonging to the righteous bros that i was with in the last few weeks.
just listen to that sustain 
 araab muzik and duke da god in the back there.
 zeke the neighbor 
 my new dog bbq
 me: "hey weibs im in hawaii bitch!"
ryan: "since when does hawaii add ten years?"
the  stupid factory.... next to the toilet store
 uploading images at 4am in the lobby listening to rayner's old band.
 carrissa moore and i having an end of shoot touchdown dance
 this persons foot doctor would be bummed
 ol' maggie muldoon in town again and again
 jay hanna enjoying tasty cuts
 solid listening sesh
jake and dan at cha cha
 my babe and our dog
my ben colen/boston pride fan out photo. what a ripper. he rolls with props for the fans to pose with and doesnt charge for them like jose conseco probably would have. fuck the bash brothers. 
 part of my saks shoot in nyc. patrick and grayson are arts and crafts life savers.
 the other life saver, matt mcginley.
my mom showed up on the shoot. i'm not giving her any letters of recomendation for assisting gigs though. 
pilgrim in bk. my first pilgrim show was a grandslam. team photos coming soon.
 ran into yelawolf at dinner. he suggested we wear the furs. i backs that.
token leg room shot on the way back to nyc.

jake boyle off tour

recently jake boyle jumped off of the saviours tour he was hanging out on and crashed at my place for a night and a day.  it was good to see a familiar face from nyc with plenty of stories of debauchery from the road.
 here's what jake looks like if he doesn't know your yuppy ass.
 here's what jake looks like if he's talking about a chick.
 here's what jake looks like if he's on his way to astroburger.
here's what jake looks like if he's eating at astroburger.

good seeing you man!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

steve lee at arroyo

nina and spanky do art

i stopped over to spanky's dungeon the other night and hung out while he and nina worked on their art for the show they are displaying at fuse gallery in nyc on january 18th.

it was pretty entertaining to see them riffing off one another.  they're both so fucking meticulous yet lack any traces of OCD.

im pretty excited to see how it all turns out.

im going to check back a bit later for a progress report.

Friday, December 9, 2011

fellow rhode islanders PILGRIM

Friday, December 2, 2011

hawaii outtakes

just got back from hawaii. i was doing a project for redbull with women's surf world champ carrisa moore.
i had no idea that the japanese love hawaii so much. they were everywhere.
used this lense for about a minute. what an evil device.